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The Importance of Medical Records in Personal Injury Claims

Medical Records in Personal injury Cases

Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or another type of accident, you’ll need evidence to prove your claim and fight for the compensation you deserve. Medical records are an incredibly valuable piece of evidence that can go a long way in proving your injuries and helping you secure fair and full compensation.

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Proving the Extent of Your Injuries

When used accurately, medical records can show how serious your injuries are and the multitude of ways in which they have affected your life. Thorough records include extensive and detailed documentation, including injury descriptions, diagnostic tests, imaging scans, and observations from medical professionals. When combined, these records can establish the severity of your injuries immediately after they occur and as they progress over time.

Compared to other forms of evidence, medical records are fairly objective. Your doctor has no vested interest in how much compensation you receive, and so their observations are more likely to be taken seriously by the other side’s legal team.

Finally, by proving the extent of your injuries, your medical records can better prove how much pain and suffering you have gone through. This may make it easier to get the compensation you actually deserve after an injury.

Linking Injuries to The Accident

In a personal injury claim, you don’t just need to prove how serious your injuries are; you also have to prove that they were a direct result of the accident you were involved in. Your complete medical records show when you started care in relation to when the accident occurred, creating a strong timeline. Your doctor’s notes and official diagnoses can also link your injuries to the accident you were involved in. An experienced doctor knows what different types of impact do to the human body, and they can infer what happened to lead to the injuries you have sustained.

Your medical records should also document your symptoms and any physical signs of your injuries. These are also clues that can indicate the source of your injuries, making it easier to pinpoint the liable party.

Showing Your Compliance with Treatment Plans

Complying with your doctor’s treatment plan and otherwise mitigating the damage caused by your injuries is a crucial component of your personal injury claim. You can prove everything else, but if you are skipping all of your doctor appointments and not doing anything to make your injuries better, you will struggle to get full and fair compensation. If your medical records show that you faithfully attend your appointments, go to physical therapy and other prescribed treatments, and otherwise follow your doctor’s treatment plan, it will show that you are making a good-faith effort to mitigate the effects of your injuries.

Explaining Your Treatment Progress

To get the compensation you deserve, you need to know how your injuries will impact you long-term and how much they will cost you. Medical reports also come in handy in this area. If a full recovery is not possible for your injury, your medical documentation may showcase the permanent limitations you’ll face and what type of medical care you will need to manage those limitations going forward. This may make it easier for your attorney to assess your future medical costs and fight to have the other party compensate you for them.

Medical records may also show the long road to recovery you’ve had. Insurance companies often balk at high medical bills, but when you have thorough documentation of why your bills are so high, it is far harder for them to deny you outright.

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