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Truck Accident Lawyer in Louisville

commercial truck accident attorney in Louisville, KentuckyA lot of large trucks pass through our state in route to deliver their loads. These trucks are critical for the economy and are used to carry products and goods across state lines on a regular basis. In Kentucky, some of the most heavily trafficked routes include I-75, I-65, I-64, and I-69, although this list is by no means exhaustive. While numerous products and goods (and the large trucks that carry them) may be integral to our way of life, large trucks can also be dangerous. When 18-wheeler collisions occur, those involved can be severely harmed.

At the law offices of John H. Ruby & Associates, we have seen the devastation that large truck collisions can cause. If you have been in an accident with an 18-wheeler or lost a loved one in this type of accident, we are here to help. We understand the enormous physical, emotional, and financial pain truck accidents have on victims and their families, and we do everything we can to make the legal process smooth and stress-free. We work with you from start to finish, aggressively advocating for your rights and interests to ensure that you receive just compensation, and that those responsible are held fully accountable.

Large Truck Accidents: Preventable Crashes that Occur as a Result of Negligence
One of the most tragic things about large trucking accidents is that most of these accidents are completely preventable, and they are almost always the result of negligence. Negligence refers to the failure to act with a proper degree of care, and when it comes to an 18-wheeler crash, there are multiple parties who may be potentially negligent. Some of the most occurrences that lead to commercial trucking collisions include:

• Truck driver errors. Truck drivers may cause large truck accidents when they do things like drive while impaired (from alcohol, illegal, or prescription drugs), drive while fatigued, drive at an unsafe speed, fail to signal, execute improper and unsafe lane changes, take turns too quickly, and drive while distracted.

• Passenger vehicle driver errors. Just like truck drivers’ actions can lead to crashes, so can the actions of passenger vehicle drivers. Driving in a truck driver’s blind spots, driving too fast, cutting off a truck driver, illegally passing, and distracted driving are all hazardous behaviors.

• Third-party failure. Sometimes, neither driver involved in the crash is able to predict or prevent the accident, because the accident is caused by the negligence of a third party, such as the trucking company. For example, if a trucking company fails to regularly maintain and service its trucks, a truck may be dangerous and experience a breakdown while in operation, leading to a crash.

Trucking companies are not the only third parties involved. Other parties might include the manufacturer of a truck or truck part, a shipper or loader of cargo, or even a municipal government responsible for road maintenance and traffic signage.

Truck Accidents Can Change Lives
Of all of the accident types that occur that involve motor vehicles, large trucking accidents are some of the deadliest. Commercial trucks can weigh up to 20 times more than the average passenger car, which means that when a collision happens, the smaller vehicle absorbs a devastating amount of force. Completely crushed vehicles are often the least of the catastrophe; these cataclysmic events leave those within the smaller cars with amputated limbs, severed spinal cords, traumatic brain injuries, internal injuries, and other tragic and disabling injury types.

When an accident of this severity occurs, victims and their families are faced with high medical bills, painful and uncomfortable medical procedures and hospital stays, the loss of wages of the injured income worker, and emotional anguish. These expenses–both economic and noneconomic–can quickly add up, leading to a diminished quality of life for all those involved. Of course, when an injury results in death, the situation is that much more tragic.

You Deserve to Be Compensated for Your Harm
At the law offices of John H. Ruby & Associates, we believe that if you have been injured in a truck accident that was caused by the negligence of another party, you should be compensated for the totality of your losses. This means compensation for medical bills, lost wages, future medical expenses, pain, and suffering, as well as any property damage or other losses you have incurred.

Unfortunately, commercial trucking accident claims can be complicated. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous potentially liable parties and determining exactly who is to blame can be difficult. This requires an extensive investigation and the ability to quickly uncover key pieces of evidence that can be pivotal in proving the case.

With multiple possible defendants in a truck accident claim, insurance companies are reluctant to pay out more than they have to and are often looking for ways to shift blame to other parties.

When you hire our firm, you can count on having a skilled advocate on your side with the resources to thoroughly investigate your case and get to the bottom of who’s to blame. If an insurance adjuster offers you less than your claim is worth, do not accept the offer, talk to us first.

You Must Act Quickly After a Truck Accident
While taking action to pursue damages may be very difficult after being injured in a trucking accident, you don’t have much time to wait. In fact, the statute of limitations in Kentucky for a personal injury case is just one year from the date of the cause of action. This means that if you don’t file a lawsuit within one year from the date of the accident, you could be permanently barred from recovering compensation.

Our Lawyers Are Here to Help You
At the offices of John H. Ruby & Associates, we know how life-altering a large trucking accident can be, both for the victim of the accident and their immediate family members. Our lawyers are passionate about representing those who have suffered large damages through no fault of their own and are unsure of how to use the legal system to help them recover compensation.

When you call our law offices, you will be met with kindness and compassion. A consultation with one of our Kentucky truck accident lawyers is always free of charge. In addition, all our personal injury cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis, meaning you never need to pay upfront attorney fees to receive the skilled and personalized representation you need and deserve. To schedule your free consultation, please call our law office at 502-895-2626, visit our Louisville office in person, or send us a message through our web contact form.

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