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estate planning for blended families

Estate Planning Considerations for Blended Families

By John H. Ruby |

Real-life blended families are not always this close, and they don’t always share the same values and goals. There is a high potential for conflict between members of a blended family when a parent becomes incapacitated or passes away. The estate plan of a blended family can minimize the chances of stress and conflict… Read More »

child custody exchange

How To Keep Child Custody Exchanges Civil

By John H. Ruby |

Sometimes even the most amicable of divorces in Kentucky can end with lingering feelings of resentment by the time the divorce process is completed. Child custody exchanges can be particularly difficult in this situation because the co-parents are likely to come face-to-face with each other. If you feel threatened or you have been subjected… Read More »

pre-travel estate planning

Important Estate Planning Steps Before You Travel

By John H. Ruby |

When you are busy preparing for your leisure or business trip, it’s easy to ignore the worst-case scenarios that can happen during travel. But it is prudent to act with foresight and ensure your estate planning documents are in place before you decide to go on your next trip. Traveling puts you at a… Read More »

drunk driving around the holidays

Holidays And Drunk Driving Accidents

By John H. Ruby |

Car accidents caused by drunk motorists can ruin your holidays. Sadly, the drunk driving accidents that cause a majority of injuries and fatalities during the holidays are entirely preventable. The primary responsibility of DUI collisions usually lies with the drunk motorist, but under Kentucky laws, liability may also be placed on the establishments that… Read More »

power of attorney

What Are the Responsibilities Of a Financial Power of Attorney?

By John H. Ruby |

A financial power of attorney plays a pivotal role in making different types of financial decisions on behalf of a loved one. This is usually required in cases where the loved one is incapacitated or is unable to make decisions on their own. In general, a financial power of attorney is selected on the… Read More »

accident reconstruction

The Importance of The Accident Reconstruction Specialist for Your Case

By John H. Ruby |

It can be difficult for an injured victim to exactly remember the details of the car accident when they recovering from the shock and trauma of the event. More importantly, the burden of proof lies on the plaintiff (injured victim) in personal injury cases. So, the onus is on them to prove how exactly… Read More »

rear end car accidents

What Happens to Your Body in a Rear-End Collision?

By John H. Ruby |

Car accidents can be devastating because the human body is not built to sustain a massive impact. You may suffer serious injuries whether you were in a minor fender bender or a high-impact crash. There are certain injuries that commonly occur in rear-end collisions. The impact of this type of crash occurs from behind…. Read More »

virtual visitation

Is Virtual Visitation Right for You?

By John H. Ruby |

Child visitation laws allow parents to meet with their children through the contemporary forms of virtual visitation using digital devices. Non-custodial parents can use internet technology for interacting with their children. This is also known as e-access or e-visitation. You can use Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, or any other video chat application… Read More »

Tips to Help Adopted Children Cope with Divorce

Tips to Help Adopted Children Cope with Divorce

By John H. Ruby |

When a divorce is finalized in Kentucky, it essentially ends any lawful partnership that the couple may have had with each other. Still, there are certain legal rights and obligations connected with children, whether adopted or born biologically during the marriage. It’s necessary to treat adopted children in the same manner as biological ones…. Read More »

apps for car accidents

Apps You Should Have on Your Phone in Case of An Accident

By John H. Ruby |

There are certain smartphone apps that can be of immense help if you find yourself involved in an auto accident. These apps can call roadside assistance or emergency services, and also organize the necessary information required for creating an accident report in a few simple taps on the phone.  If you were physically injured… Read More »