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Tips to Help Adopted Children Cope with Divorce

Tips to Help Adopted Children Cope with Divorce

By John H. Ruby |

When a divorce is finalized in Kentucky, it essentially ends any lawful partnership that the couple may have had with each other. Still, there are certain legal rights and obligations connected with children, whether adopted or born biologically during the marriage. It’s necessary to treat adopted children in the same manner as biological ones…. Read More »

apps for car accidents

Apps You Should Have on Your Phone in Case of An Accident

By John H. Ruby |

There are certain smartphone apps that can be of immense help if you find yourself involved in an auto accident. These apps can call roadside assistance or emergency services, and also organize the necessary information required for creating an accident report in a few simple taps on the phone.  If you were physically injured… Read More »

alimony when ex remarries

Do I Still Pay Alimony If My Ex Gets Remarried?

By John H. Ruby |

It is common for one or both parties to remarry once the divorce is finalized. This can happen quickly after the divorce or at some point later in life. Remarriage can have a significant impact on many aspects of a divorce decree, including spousal and child support payments. The alimony may or may not… Read More »

revising estate plan after death of heir

Revising Your Estate Plan After the Death of An Heir

By John H. Ruby |

Dealing with the death of a loved one is undoubtedly one of the tough experiences of life. Everyone needs space and time for processing and grieving the loss of a deceased regardless of whether they were a close friend, partner, or a blood relative. You should consider updating your estate plan once you have… Read More »

texting while driving

Proving The Other Driver Was Texting in An Auto Accident

By John H. Ruby |

Everyone on the road faces some amount of risk because of the rampant practice of texting and driving. When you are injured in a distracted driving accident, you would need to prove the other driver was being negligent by texting and driving if you want to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. Kentucky… Read More »

pet custody battles in Louisville

Pet Custody Battles in a Divorce

By John H. Ruby |

Divorcing parents are usually prepared to go through child custody negotiations in the best interests of their children. But at the time of divorce, they may not have contemplated what will happen to their pets? How to handle the negotiations with your ex-spouse if you have a sweet fur baby together and you both… Read More »

should I see a neurologist?

Should You See a Neurologist After a Car Accident?

By John H. Ruby |

Doctors specializing in injuries and disorders affecting the spinal cord, brain, and surrounding muscles and nerves are known as neurologists. You may want to consider visiting these specialists if you were involved in a car accident even if you missed out on getting checked by them initially. You should never ignore the signs of… Read More »

cryptocurrency in divorce Louisville Kentucky

The Growing Issue of Cryptocurrency During a Divorce

By John H. Ruby |

Cryptocurrency is no longer an obscure investment opportunity. It has turned into a significant investment segment for many people across the country. Several investors have become wealthy as the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto-assets increased dramatically. Correlating with this, where there is wealth, there are always complications in matters related to divorce…. Read More »

the importance of estate planning in Louisville, Kentucky

Beneficiary Designations and Other Non-Probate Property Transfers

By John H. Ruby |

One of the most overlooked aspects of estate planning is beneficiary designations and non-probate transfers. However, it is worth the effort to designate a beneficiary because it will avoid the complexities of probate along with its hassles and expenses. A non-probate transfer is the simplest method to avoid the probate process. These transfers automatically… Read More »

wheelchair ramp injury in Louisville, KY

How Wheelchair Ramps Can Be Dangerous

By John H. Ruby |

Many people in Louisville rely on wheelchair ramps for accessing buildings. Wheelchair ramps are useful in making buildings more accessible to everyone whether they are using a wheelchair, walker, or stroller. In the United States, an estimated 2 million people require the use of wheelchairs. Most of the time, wheelchair ramps help people access… Read More »