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child support during covid-19

What Happens If I Can’t Pay My Child Support Because Of COVID-19?

By John H. Ruby |

People who have suffered financial losses due to the coronavirus pandemic should check whether they qualify for financial assistance. If you get benefits and/or can defer your mortgage payments or rent, you might be in a position to pay child support. Individuals who qualify for benefits can inform the unemployment office about their child… Read More »

how is child support calculated in kentucky?

How is Child Support Calculated in KY?

By John H. Ruby |

Child support refers to a monthly payment made by a parent to help with the expenses related to raising a child. While both parents are responsible in the state of Kentucky to support their children, child support payments are made by the non-custodial parent to the parent with physical custody. The reasoning behind this… Read More »

railroad crossing accident attorney

How to Avoid Accidents at Railroad Crossings

By John H. Ruby |

The lightest train car, an empty passenger train, weighs nearly 80,000 pounds. A diesel locomotive, which pulls cargo across the United States, can weigh almost 200,000 pounds and in some cases may go up to 400,000 pounds. Irrespective of its speed, the force of a locomotive can cause extreme damage to even the strongest… Read More »

the importance of estate planning in Louisville, Kentucky

The Coronavirus Has Shown the Importance of Estate Planning at Any Age

By John H. Ruby |

The Covid-19 pandemic hit us when it was least expected. The country was going through one of its best phases of growth, the economy had peaked and millions of new jobs were getting created every year, and even at a social and political level, the country was enjoying a period of relative peace and… Read More »

parenting plan during covid-19 outbreak

How is COVID-19 Pandemic Affecting Parenting Plans?

By John H. Ruby |

While the novel coronavirus outbreak has had the most direct and devastating consequences for people’s health and the nation’s economy, it has also created some unique challenges for divorced parents. Some co-parents are anxious about their child’s well-being because they believe the custodial parent or their new partner may not be taking adequate precautions… Read More »

help the community during coronavirus outbreak

Helping the Community During The Coronavirus Shutdown

By John H. Ruby |

Covid-19 is an invisible foe that has invaded our lives and is continuing to cause devastation. People have been forced to make drastic changes to their lifestyle and their ability to work, study and play is severely curtailed. Vulnerable segments of the population are the worst hit by the crisis, and this where the… Read More »

estate planning attorney in Louisville

The Importance of Probate and Estate Planning for All LaGrange Families

By John H. Ruby |

Many people spend more time planning vacations, deciding which car to purchase, or even where to have dinner than they devote to probate and estate planning. In the absence of estate planning, you cannot decide who gets everything that you have painstakingly built over your lifetime when you pass away. Estate planning is not… Read More »

divorce lawyer in louisville ky

What Are Grounds for Divorce In KY?

By John H. Ruby |

In the state of Kentucky, divorce is limited to no-fault, meaning that the only ground for divorce in the state is if the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” In cases where one spouse claims that the marriage is broken while the other party does not deny it, courts will likely rule that there has been… Read More »

distracted driving accidents in Louisville, KY

Teen Drivers and Distracted Driving

By John H. Ruby |

When a vehicle driver engages in an activity that is unrelated to the actual operation of the car, it is known as distracted driving. Using mobile devices when driving and other distracting activities fall within the realm of distracted driving. In several studies, it has been shown that distracted driving represents a serious issue… Read More »

child support modification in louisville

Can I Modify My Child Support in KY?

By John H. Ruby |

Child support payments are meant to cover the expenses associated with raising a child after the parents get divorced. A non-custodial parent who is required to pay child support generally cannot shirk their responsibility for any reason. At the same time, a child support order is certainly not set in stone. It can be… Read More »