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What Are the Risks of Crush Injuries After a Car Crash?

What Are the Risks of Crush Injuries After a Car Crash?

By John H. Ruby |

Car crashes are incredibly unpredictable. While some victims are lucky enough to walk away without so much as a scratch, others suffer from an array of injuries. One severe type of injury you may experience is a crush injury. Crush injuries occur when your body gets trapped or crushed under the weight of a… Read More »

Intellectual Property Rights During Divorce

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights During a Divorce

By John H. Ruby |

If you’re in the midst of a divorce, you’re likely concerned about the division of your marital assets and debts. This is one of the most contentious topics for many couples since your assets will determine how financially stable you are after your divorce. Certain assets are far more difficult to divide than others—for… Read More »

Kentucky Family Law

Strategies for Ensuring Your Kentucky Home is Passed on to Your Children

By John H. Ruby |

Your family home likely holds significant value for you, both financially and sentimentally. Whether you raised your children there or moved there later in life, it’s likely one of your largest assets and one that you want to pass on to your children. The value of a home is also what makes it somewhat… Read More »

Your estate plan is a dynamic being that should always change to accommodate your current stage of life—make sure you set up an appointment to update it.

Why Empty Nesters Need a New Estate Plan

By John H. Ruby |

Becoming an empty nester is a huge transition. In this stage of life, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor as your children move on and create their own lives outside of the family home. As you get used to sleeping in, choosing activities that you and your spouse enjoy instead of… Read More »

School Zone Accidents

Car Accidents in School Zones: Legal Responsibilities and Safety Precautions

By John H. Ruby |

School zones give children and parents a safe area to walk to school and navigate pickups without worrying about the hustle and bustle of traffic. Since these areas often run through residential areas, though, you still have your share of commuters and others who are on a time crunch. Crashes are unfortunately still very… Read More »

Estate Planning Fraud

How to Recognize Fraud in Estate Planning

By John H. Ruby |

Estate planning allows people to make plans for the end of their life and ensure that their legacy lives on. But when money is involved, you can expect people to act in unusual ways. Some go so far as to commit fraud to get their hands on money they are not owed. Estate planning… Read More »

Tax Consequences of Divorce

Dealing With the Tax Consequences of a Divorce

By John H. Ruby |

Divorce is a beast that touches every aspect of your life—your mental well-being, physical health, and finances, to name just a few. In fact, it’s possible that your divorce settlement may even affect your taxes. That’s why it’s so important to work with an attorney while figuring out your divorce in Kentucky. Without a… Read More »

Car Accident Speeding

The Connection Between Speeding and Fatal Accidents

By John H. Ruby |

Speeding is one of the most widespread issues on American roads, and efforts to decrease speeding rates have largely been ineffective. Speeding is linked to a wide range of negative outcomes, including fatalities. Understanding the clear link between speeding and traffic fatalities can help drivers make safer choices and put victims in a better… Read More »

estate planning attorney in Louisville

Considering Personal Guarantees of Beneficiaries in Estate Planning

By John H. Ruby |

Estate planning involves considering all the possible outcomes of your passing and ensuring that your wishes are met in every scenario. One factor that is rarely discussed in estate planning is beneficiaries’ personal guarantees.  If you want to ensure that your assets go where you intend for them to go, it’s essential to discuss… Read More »

night time driving

How Night Driving Contributes to Drowsiness

By John H. Ruby |

While nighttime driving is not usually ideal, it is unavoidable sometimes—especially for those who work night shifts, work as truck drivers, or regularly tackle cross-country drives for trips. Without careful preparation and planning, night driving can cause significant drowsiness and increase the likelihood of being involved in a crash. Learn more about the connection… Read More »