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Kentucky Child Support Laws

child support attorney in Louisville, KentuckyIn addition to love and support, raising a child requires financial security. The law recognizes that all too often the income of one parent is not sufficient to cover all the necessary costs associated with caring for a child. This is why the law provides for child support. In Kentucky, the court adheres to various guidelines and considers several factors in determining child support.

Calculating the Amount of Child Support

Understanding how child support is calculated requires a brief explanation of the following terms:

  • Income refers to gross income if you are employed or, if you are unemployed, your potential income
  • Gross income is your income from all sources, including retirement and pensions, dividends, annuities, workers’ compensation benefits, and gifts to name just a few
  • Combined monthly adjusted parental gross income is the combined monthly income of both parents less certain deductions
  • Imputed child support obligation is the amount the parent would pay under the Kentucky guidelines

The court will verify your income by examining tax returns, pay stubs, statements from your employer, and receipts and expenses if self-employed. If you are not working, your payment amount will be calculated by assessing your qualifications, work history, and the earnings and opportunities within the community.

In Kentucky, monthly child support payments are determined based on the combined monthly adjusted parental gross income, the number of children for whom support is needed, the children’s portion of the health insurance premiums and the costs of daycare. The monthly obligation is divided between the parents based on their combined monthly adjusted parental gross income. In instances where the combined adjusted parental gross income exceeds the levels provided in the guidelines, the court may exercise its judicial discretion in determining the amount of child support.

The minimum monthly child support payment permitted by the guidelines in Kentucky is $60. To discuss how much child support you may receive or be obligated to pay, speak with an experienced Kentucky child support attorney today.

Child Support and Split Custody Arrangements

In cases where you have agreed to a split custody arrangement with the other parent, a child support worksheet will be prepared for each household.
The nonresidential custodian who pays a higher monthly amount is responsible for paying the difference between the obligation amount, per the worksheets, to the other parent.

We have helped many parents receive child support payments in addition to resolving issues related to child custody. It is important that you seek out the advice of an experienced Louisville family law attorney in your child support case– contact us today for a free initial consultation to learn how we can help you.

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