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Appeals in Louisville KY

appellate attorneyTaking a case to court is stressful enough for most people. When you lose that case and wish to appeal, it’s imperative to hire an attorney with a strong track record in civil appeals. John Ruby has years of experience in this area, and has established a formidable reputation as an attorney who can fight and win complicated civil litigation cases. No matter what service area your case falls into, our legal team will represent you with determination and integrity.

Expected Duties of an Appellate Lawyer

When you meet with your new attorney for a consultation, the first thing he will do is evaluate your case as it stands today and let you know your chances for a successful appeal. Some of the other duties he will complete as your appellate attorney include:

  • Review all motions that lawyers filed in your original case and identify the most critical issues that he needs to help you defend.
  • Read the entire transcript of the trial.
  • Interact with the trial lawyers to ensure that he understands all facts pertinent to your case.
  • Initiate legal research to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the issues that arose in trial court.
  • Draft a memo that outlines the most important issues going forward as well as consult with you and the lawyers from your first trial to uncover new areas of argument or defense.
  • Write a new legal brief for your appeal. You should expect this process to take the most time of any of the previous steps.
  • Review the new legal brief with you and the counsel from the trial and interject comments and opinions that could be useful for your future case.
  • Rewrite the draft if necessary and present it to you again for review.
  • Attend court with you and present the newer, stronger oral argument in your favor.
  • Manage any details that take place after the court session.

Appellate law can take an extremely intellectual presentation, and it requires an attorney with deep experience in a specialty area to successfully win your case. With so much on the line, it’s reassuring to know that you have this in Ms. Martin Kilgore. He has successfully argued appeal cases before the Kentucky Supreme Court. Appeals lawyers must have a strong skill set that includes legal research and drafting, trial preparation, preparing and filing briefs, and presenting convincing oral arguments. Since not every attorney has these skills or experience, it’s up to you to do your homework and hire the best person to present your appeal.

Categories of Civil Litigation Represented by John H. Ruby

Mr. Ruby is unique as an appellate lawyer in that he has deep experience in many areas of litigation. These include:

  • Auto accidents and personal injury: If you received life-changing injuries due to the negligent actions of another person and took the case to court, you may not feel satisfied with the financial compensation you received. It’s also possible that you lost the case and did not receive any funds to help you pay your medical expenses, compensate for your lost wages, and other losses. Perhaps someone sued you and you don’t agree with the outcome. Ms. Martin Kilgore can help you in either situation.
  • Breach of Contract: When you enter a legal or business agreement with another party, you expect them to honor it. It can expose you to considerable damage if they do not. Maybe someone sued you for breach of contract, but you don’t agree with the outcome of your first case. You’re entitled to file an appeal whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant.
  • Business Torts: A business tort is an unfair practice initiated by another party that that harms your business interests in some way. It is deliberate, improper, and unfair. These cases can also become extremely complex at trial, which means things might not have gone as you expected the first time.
  • Construction Defect Litigation: This category of appellate law can get especially contentious. People often disagree what constitutes a construction defect in the first place, much less that they’re liable for causing one. Whether you’re representing a construction company on appeal or you are the client who doesn’t feel that the judge in the first case held them accountable enough for their actions, John Ruby, is interested in hearing more about your case.
  • Divorce and Child Custody Disputes: Few things are as heart-wrenching in law as when a parent has the best interests of his or her child at heart and still loses primary custody. Alternatively, you could be the primary custodial parent and disagree with custody or child support decisions. Ms. Martin Kilgore can help you settle many other issues as well, including division of assets and debts, property ownership, and related matters.
  • Property Title, Boundary, and Land Disputes: Real estate transactions are complex in the best of circumstances. When you’re in a dispute over boundary lines or title and ownership issues, it can become downright overwhelming. Unfortunately, a lack of understanding of the law by either you or your attorney might be the reason you lost your first case. John Ruby has a deep understanding of real estate law and over two decades of arguing appeal cases.
  • Will Contests and Probate Disputes: Like divorce and custody, this area of family law can become highly emotionally charged. Sadly, people often display their worst behavior when a loved one dies. If you disagree with a lower court ruling regarding the will or estate of a deceased loved one, consider filing an appeal and having your voice heard more clearly this time.

Contact John H. Ruby and Associates

It’s frustrating to go through a court trial and feel dissatisfied or that the outcome was unfair to you. If you’re considering filing an appeal, please contact John H. Ruby and Associates, at 502.895.2626 to request a free review of your original case. He maintains an office in Louisville, and serves people in all surrounding communities.

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