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Louisville Guardianship Attorneys

guardianship law in LouisvilleAt the law office of John H. Ruby & Associates, our attorneys help individuals and their loved ones make sure that one’s healthcare and financial matters, living arrangements and other needs are appropriately met and addressed. Our practice includes representing those who seek or oppose the establishment of a guardianship, or wish to contest a decision of a guardian regarding the ward.

Planning to Avoid Guardianships

Careful, thoughtful and comprehensive estate planning can often avoid the need to have a guardianship imposed by the court, which can be an emotional, trying experience for some. Through the creation of advance directives, powers of attorney and other legal instruments, our Kentucky estate planning attorneys prepare for any circumstance and ensure that the person helping you to manage your affairs is someone you trust.

Establishing or Opposing Voluntary and Involuntary Guardianships in Kentucky

There are many different situations in which a guardianship may be sought or opposed. Sometimes people, while still mentally competent, recognize the need for legal assistance in managing their affairs. We help elderly or disabled persons establish a voluntary guardianship with someone they know and trust. We also assist mentally competent spouses when a guardianship is necessary to protect marital assets from being compromised by an elderly or disabled spouse who may be susceptible to fraud or poor decision-making.

Sometimes an elderly or disabled adult does not believe he or she is mentally incompetent, and an involuntary guardianship is sought by others. We help parties establish or oppose guardianships in these cases. Our practice in this area includes representing adult children seeking to establish a guardianship over their parents, as well as representing close relatives fighting the process on behalf of a loved one.

Contesting Decisions of Guardians

Guardians are required to act in the best interests of their wards and owe fiduciary duties toward them. Whether making financial, healthcare or other personal decisions, the guardian should act with diligence and due care for the well-being of the ward. As experienced civil litigators, our trial lawyers are prepared to litigate any alleged improprieties or actions of the guardian which may be detrimental to the ward.

Experienced Legal Representation for Louisville & Oldham Guardianship Proceedings

For sound legal advice and practical assistance in the case of a current or proposed guardianship in Jefferson or Oldham County, contact John H. Ruby & Associates in Louisville for help from caring and knowledgeable Kentucky guardianship attorneys.

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