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Business Law Attorneys in Jeffersontown

business attorney in JeffersontownLegal stipulations differ significantly between various industries. Therefore, it is crucial to work with a lawyer to understand your unique business needs. Such understanding comes from experience and the ability to listen to clients and spend time comprehending their concerns.

The skilled attorneys at the law offices of John H. Ruby & Associates offer a complete array of services to business owners in Jeffersontown, Kentucky and the surrounding communities. Our attorneys are experienced in various legal areas required for the organization and functioning of a successful enterprise.

The decisions, agreements, and paperwork established at the company’s initiation are critical to its success. The resources and time devoted to making appropriate decisions at the outset are typically proportional to the success of the long-term outcomes.

Advanced Legal Counsel for Complex Business Concerns

Our law firm is renowned for its capabilities in handling complicated transactions for businesses of all sizes. We can manage legal, financial, and regulatory matters to consummate deals smoothly and avoid future legal conflicts.

Our extensive in-house legal knowledge is another key strength for our firm. Besides industry knowledge, our lawyers’ diverse legal disciplines allow us to handle corporate and business issues from every angle, ranging from regulatory and tax implications to estate planning and personal liability.

Comprehensive Corporate and Business Law Services

The Jeffersontown, KY business law attorneys at John H. Ruby & Associates have the knowledge, experience, and skills in the below-mentioned core areas:

Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, and operating agreements

The above documents enlist the official status of an enterprise within a state. On top of this, it also details individual roles within the business and its internal operations.

Employment contracts

These documents detail the employment terms for various positions with an organization.

Shareholder and buy-sell agreements

If a company goes public and allows shareholders to buy equity in the business, these regulate the shares and the stipulations for share purchase and sale.

Non-disclosure and non-compete agreements

These documents protect business practices, along with the company itself. Under the tenets of non-disclosure agreements, the business’s practice or trade secrets cannot be divulged publicly, even after employment ends.

The non-compete agreement makes sure that a company does not train an employee only to have them take the training to a competing company and use it in competition against the original employer.


The skilled attorneys at John H. Ruby are experienced arbitrators and can help settle business conflicts outside of the courts.

Loan documentation

Dealing with business liabilities can be complex. At times, legal counsel is necessary to understand some of the more complicated practices and terminology.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance helps ensure that your business functions within the realm of the local, state, and federal laws.

Succession planning

Succession planning can ensure that infighting over who will take over the company is kept at a minimum.


Lease arrangements are an integral part of owning and running a business due to space and specification requirements.

Corporate dissolution

In case a business decides to close, various legal details must be arranged, such as paying off debtors, ensuring the proper division of assets, etc.

Specific Business Areas

Along with extensive skills and experience in all corporate matters, our lawyers are adept in specific key business areas, including:

  • Physicians’ groups and physician employment and recruitment agreements
  • Coal mining, oil and gas, and other minerals
  • Software licensing
  • Automobile dealerships
  • Equine law
  • Liquor licenses

Contact our Jeffersontown business law attorneys for advice on any issue related to this area of the law. We are committed to providing professional legal representation and counsel to our clients.

Contract Law Services in Jeffersontown, KY

Are you, as a business owner, getting ready to sign a contract? Are you confident that you are aware of what you are legally consenting to? Regardless of whether you are working out a warranty agreement for clients, employment terms with an employee, or a vendor agreement with another business, your signature will be taken seriously by the law.

If you own a business in Jeffersontown, Kentucky or a nearby community, discuss your contract with a corporate attorney at John H. Ruby & Associates before you sign. We will evaluate the language and undertake revisions to protect your interests. Further, we will explain your obligations under the contract as a signatory. We can develop your contract from scratch and ensure that your interests and rights are well-protected.

We offer the following contract law services:

  • Contracts and agreements drafted, evaluated, and revised
  • Commercial lease agreements, landlord-tenant disputes
  • Commercial property purchase and sales agreements
  • Contract dispute resolution and breach of contract litigation
  • Commercial and residential landlord-tenant conflicts
  • Employment contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Agreements not to compete
  • Operating, partnership, and investor agreements
  • Business succession contracts

Bankruptcy in Jeffersontown, KY

At times, Jeffersontown, KY businesses may not be viable in a competitive marketplace for various reasons. If this occurs, there are several options. In some of the most serious cases, bankruptcy is one such option. If your business is in this unenviable position, the attorneys at John H. Ruby & Associates guide you through the process of seeking bankruptcy protection. Our lawyers will help you understand your options and undertake what is most appropriate for you and your company.

Cost-Effective Business Law Solutions in Jeffersontown, KY

At John H. Ruby & Associates, we are committed to watching your bottom line. We customize our advice to suit your short-term and long-term requirements. Our services are customized to your business needs. We offer advice and recommendations meant to help you limit your liability and the possibility of lawsuits. We draw upon our extensive experience and comprehension of the law to control litigation and other legal conflicts for pre-existing liability matters.

If you are contemplating starting a business in the Jeffersontown, KY area, or are already managing a small or medium-sized enterprise here, our attorneys welcome the opportunity to act as trusted business counselors throughout your company’s life. Allow us to help you move ahead in today’s complex business landscape. For a complimentary consultation with a qualified business lawyer, message us online or call today at (502) 895-2626.

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