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child support in Louisville KY

Are Courts More Likely to Grant Child Custody to Mothers Than to Fathers?

By John H. Ruby |

Parents who are seeking a divorce will need to come to a decision regarding many issues related to the marriage, most importantly, perhaps, who will have custody of a shared child and what the visitation rights of the other parent will be. When parents need to make a child custody decision, they are strongly… Read More »

parenting plan

Creating a Parenting Plan

By John H. Ruby |

One of the most difficult elements of a divorce settlement for parents who are separating is the creation of a parenting plan. These plans, which are not just reserved for divorcing couples, but all parents who are not living together, outline the basics of child care, custody, and decision making, and are enforceable once they are… Read More »

divorce lawyer in louisville ky

What Should I Bring to My Initial Consultation about My Divorce?

By John H. Ruby |

If you are thinking about divorce or have initiated the divorce process, working with an attorney is one of the best things you can do, and is highly recommended. A divorce attorney can help to ensure that all loose ends in a divorce are tied, and that your best interests are protected as you… Read More »

Divorce Lalwyer in Kentucky

Divorce and the Holidays

By John H. Ruby |

For those who are divorced, the holidays can be a painful reminder of that separation and of one’s lack of partner, and may perhaps generate a lot of stress, tension, and emotion regarding the person with whom a shared child will spend the holidays. However, here are things that you can do to manage… Read More »

Car Accidents

Holiday Driving – Car Accidents and the Holidays

By John H. Ruby |

While the holiday season may be the jolliest time of year, it can also be the most dangerous for those on the road, with statistics showing that car accidents surge over the holiday periods. The rise in traffic accidents is contributed to intoxicated drivers, more drivers on the road in unfamiliar places, long-distance and nighttime driving,… Read More »

Economic Impact of Divorce - John H. Ruby & Associates

What Are The Economic Impacts of A Divorce?

By John H. Ruby |

There’s no doubt that divorce impacts the financial lives of both spouses in a big way. Whereas the couple once pooled their money together to meet household and child-rearing expenses, they must now support two households on the same income. According to a recent report from the United States Census Bureau, the divorce rate… Read More »

distracted driving

Distracted Driving and Motorcycle Accidents

By John H. Ruby |

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) describes distracted driving as any activity a driver engages in that takes his or her attention away from the task of driving. The statistics show that distracted driving is a widespread problem. According to the NHSTA, driving while distracted causes an average of 337,000 injuries per year… Read More »

Steps to take immediately after an accident - Contact John H. Ruby & Associates

What Should I Do Immediately After a Car Accident in Kentucky?

By John H. Ruby |

Just getting rear ended can startle you and your passengers, and result in bruises and soreness. More serious collisions can cause confusion, anger and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. If you or your passengers are injured, the effect is multiplied. It’s hard to think clearly under these circumstances, let alone take the proper steps… Read More »

Collecting Damages for Injuries in Kentucky - John H. Ruby & Associates

How Are Damages Determined in Kentucky Accidents?

By John H. Ruby |

Accidents in Kentucky involving a car or truck can be frightening and frustrating. Your first concerns will naturally be the state of your health and that of your passengers, and then your concern will turn to the condition of your car.  Beyond the initial shock of the accident your focus will quickly focus on… Read More »

A man holding a Debts sign

What Happens to Debts after You Pass?

By John H. Ruby |

When you think about planning your estate, you probably consider the ways that the property you own and other assets in your name will be distributed among your loved ones. If you’re like most people, however, you might not have considered how your debts will be handled after your death. Read on to learn… Read More »