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Children and Shared Custody - John H. Ruby & Associates

How the New Kentucky Shared Parenting Law May Impact Child Custody Cases

By John H. Ruby |

Last June, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed into law House Bill 528. This bill creates the presumption that joint custody and equally-shared parenting time is in the best interests of the child when both parents are determined to be fit caregivers. This means that shared parenting (i.e., 50/50 parenting) is now the starting point… Read More »

Trusts - Do I need one? Contact John H. Ruby & Associates

What is a Trust and do I Need One?

By John H. Ruby |

A trust is a legal arrangement that involves three parties: Grantor/Settler: The person who sets up the trust. Trustee: The person who has control over the trust. Beneficiary: The person (or persons) who are designated to receive the assets within a trust when specified conditions are met. When a trust is created, assets are… Read More »

slip and fall attorney in louisville

Slip and Fall Accidents – What is the Liability of the Retail Business?

By John H. Ruby |

Slips, trips, and falls are common, and tens of thousands of individuals are injured in these types of accidents each year. A lot of slip and fall accidents are minor and cause only a small scrape or bruise. There are many others, however, that result in more serious and catastrophic injuries. Some of the… Read More »

stay on top of your legal case

How to Stay on Top of your Case After you Hire a Lawyer

By John H. Ruby |

If you have a legal matter that needs to be resolved, it often makes sense to hire an attorney. Many issues are too complex and challenging to pursue without a legal professional by your side. Examples of issues you should hire a lawyer for include personal injury lawsuits, divorce and other complicated family law… Read More »

how to end business partnership

As a Partner in a Business, What if I want to End the Partnership?

By John H. Ruby |

Business partnerships start out with the best of intentions. Not unlike a marriage, partners go into business with optimism and the belief that they can overcome anything on their way to achieving success. In the beginning, it is easy to overlook the weaknesses of the other partner(s) and assume that they will not get… Read More »

Tactics Used by Insurance Companies During an Injury Case

What is Good Faith?

By John H. Ruby |

In the legal realm, the phrase “good faith” refers to the requirement for parties to act honestly, keep their promises, refrain from making misleading and outright false statements, refrain from taking unfair advantage of the other party (or parties), and refrain from holding others to an impossible standard. Good faith applies to every area… Read More »

business dispute law in louisville

Most Common Types of Business Disputes

By John H. Ruby |

In the business world, disputes can arise over numerous issues. Some are internal, while others are between the organization and outside parties. Even the smoothest-running businesses have disputes, and most are minor and able to be resolved between the parties. There are times, however, when a resolution cannot be reached, and a legal remedy… Read More »

role of an expert witness in a personal injury case

The Role of an Expert Witness in an Injury Case

By John H. Ruby |

Pursuing a personal injury case is a complicated process. To be sure, there are a number of different elements of an injury case that must be satisfied in order for your case to be successful, from presenting evidence of negligence and causation to substantiating damages. One form of evidence that is critical to a… Read More »

how long does a divorce take in kentucky

How Long Does a Divorce Take in Kentucky?

By John H. Ruby |

When spouses decide that they are ready to go their separate ways, they often want to get the process over with as quickly as possible. In Kentucky, the time that it takes for a divorce to become final will vary depending on several factors. However, the state does impose a waiting period, and there… Read More »

slip and fall attorney in Louisville

Do I Have a Slip and Fall Case?

By John H. Ruby |

Most people have slipped or tripped and fallen at some point in their lives. These accidents can range from a minor embarrassment to something that causes severe and life-altering injuries. Occasionally, a slip and fall accident will occur on another person’s property. If this happens due to the carelessness or negligence of the property… Read More »