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What Are the Risks of Crush Injuries After a Car Crash?

What Are the Risks of Crush Injuries After a Car Crash?

Car crashes are incredibly unpredictable. While some victims are lucky enough to walk away without so much as a scratch, others suffer from an array of injuries. One severe type of injury you may experience is a crush injury. Crush injuries occur when your body gets trapped or crushed under the weight of a heavy object—in this instance, typically a car.

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How Car Crashes Cause Crush Injuries

Car crashes can cause crush injuries in many different ways. They are dynamic, violent events that put your body under enormous pressure. During a collision, the force generated by the vehicles can put your body under so much pressure that crush injuries result. These are just a few of the ways that crush injuries can happen:

  • Intrusion: Intrusion refers to what happens when a car crumples in during a crash and intrudes upon the part of the vehicle reserved for occupants. If a car is damaged enough in a crash, it can intrude to the point that it crushes the people within.
  • Rollover: When a car rolls over, it’s common for the frame to collapse and items within the car to become airborne. This can lead to occupants becoming pinned and trapped beneath the vehicle or the heavy items inside. These accidents are especially dangerous if the vehicle rolls multiple times, as it tends to collapse more each time and put increasing amounts of force on the occupants.
  • Ejection: When someone is thrown from the vehicle, they may experience crush injuries if they hit a building or median with enough force. They can also suffer from crush injuries if they are struck by another vehicle.
  • Entanglement: A car crash victim may be crushed by debris and vehicle parts in the crash. Parts of the car frame, mechanical vehicle components, and other heavy items can trap a person and cause crush injuries.

Types of Crush Injuries

Crush injuries have the potential to affect every part of the body. Those affecting the musculoskeletal system can lead to broken bones, dislocated muscles, and muscle contusions. While these already have the potential to cause severe damage, it’s even worse if the injury extends to your internal organs. When your internal organs suffer crush injuries, they can rupture and begin bleeding out. If not treated immediately, these injuries can lead to death; in some cases, these injuries are fatal even when they are treated right away.

Nerve damage is another potential outcome of crush injuries. When nerves are permanently damaged, neurological problems may result as the brain struggles to communicate with the corresponding body part. Numbness, tingling, and full paralysis are all possible. Blood vessels may also be crushed or ruptured in a collision. This can lead to internal bleeding that becomes fatal without immediate intervention.

Long-Term Impact of Crush Injuries

In case the immediate pain and loss of function were not bad enough, you may also have to deal with the long-term consequences of your crush injuries. Some victims hemorrhage and begin bleeding out, which can result in shock. This is extremely dangerous and requires immediate medical care.

Compartment syndrome may also occur. It develops when pressure builds up inside a muscle compartment. Blood flow to the area is reduced, causing tissue damage and even permanent disability without proper treatment.

You must also watch out for crush syndrome. When muscle cells are damaged, toxic substances may be released from the muscle into the bloodstream. Permanent organ damage may result.

These health issues can leave victims struggling with chronic pain, permanently limited function and mobility, and long-term rehabilitative needs. Even with prompt medical care and treatment, a victim could still live with the effects of their crush injury for the rest of their life.

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