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A sign that reads divorce

Obtaining an Annulment in Kentucky

By John H. Ruby |

If you were recently married, but have decided that you don’t want to continue to be married, you may be considering what your options are to end the marriage. Perhaps you’re considering an annulment, but aren’t sure if your marriage qualifies. Annulment has a very different legal significance from obtaining a divorce. While divorce… Read More »

image of estate planning

Do I Really Need a Will?

By John H. Ruby |

You may not think of yourself as the sort of person who needs a detailed estate plan. Perhaps you don’t have complicated finances or investments, so you assume you don’t need one. Or, perhaps you think that listing your heirs on the titles to large and important assets is the best way to convey… Read More »

Media social

Can Social Media Have a Negative Effect on Your Divorce?

By John H. Ruby |

Sharing our day-to-day lives on social media has become a natural, commonplace part of modern life. However, in an era where privacy regarding one’s personal life has become an anachronism, there are still good reasons to be prudent over what information you share on social media. If you’re in the midst of a divorce… Read More »

Child custody

“Off-Grid” Custody Case Shows Hazards of Ignoring Kentucky Family Law

By John H. Ruby |

The ongoing courtroom battle over who should have custody of 10 Kentucky children being raised “off-grid” by their parents Joe and Nicole Naugler raises important legal issues over the state’s role in ensuring the safety and welfare of children living within the state, and the need for parents to be mindful of Kentucky state… Read More »

parenting plan

Kentucky Court Rules Child Support Payments may be Offset by Benefits Paid to Child as the Father’s Dependant

By John H. Ruby |

The Kentucky Supreme Court recently handed down a verdict outlining the ability of a party to offset child support obligations by the amount of social security benefits that a child receives as a dependent of a retiree. The case demonstrates both the complexity of the system for determining ongoing child support awards as well… Read More »


Obtaining a Military Divorce in Kentucky

By John H. Ruby |

You may have heard the phrase “military divorce” thrown around in a way that suggests that there is a whole separate system for divorce for military service members distinct from the general rules and courts relating to “regular” divorces in Kentucky. Like a lot of dubious information provided by well-meaning friends and family members… Read More »

Elder Financial Abuse

How to Help Aging Parents Manage Finances

By John H. Ruby |

Navigating money with your aging parents can be a minefield. Perhaps your parents are healthy now, but you want to make sure you have a plan in place when they get older, or perhaps you’ve noticed that they’re already falling behind in managing their expenses and obligations. Here are some things to keep in… Read More »


Kentucky Court of Appeals Holds Wife Entitled to Cost of Living Adjustments to Pension Awarded After the Divorce

By John H. Ruby |

In a recent written opinion, a Kentucky Court of Appeals panel has held that a wife is entitled to cost of living adjustments made after entry of a divorce to a retirement account that was split in the divorce. The case, titled Brown v. Brown, involved a couple, Lisa and Richard, married in June… Read More »


The Guardianship Process in Kentucky

By John H. Ruby |

If a minor is left without parents to care for him or her, whether due to death, incarceration, institutionalization or some other disability, it may be necessary for a court to appoint a legal guardian to care for the child until he or she becomes an adult. Likewise, it is sometimes necessary to appoint… Read More »

Estate Planning

7 Habits of Highly Effective Estate Planning

By John H. Ruby |

Estate planning is something everybody needs to do, regardless of how much money or property you have, how old you are, and whether you are married or have any children. Without an estate plan, the Commonwealth of Kentucky will decide what happens to you, your money and your possessions if you die or become… Read More »