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Tips to Help Adopted Children Cope with Divorce

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When a divorce is finalized in Kentucky, it essentially ends any lawful partnership that the couple may have had with each other. Still, there are certain legal rights and obligations connected with children, whether adopted or born biologically during the marriage.

It’s necessary to treat adopted children in the same manner as biological ones. Adopted children can easily slip into a dark space where they feel unwanted and unloved. Your actions should never make them feel that way. There are additional considerations that you need to think about when divorcing a spouse with whom you adopted a child.

The adopted child may need extra support during the divorce process. This is particularly necessary if the child still remembers the time they may have spent in foster care. You should discuss child custody agreements with your partner in the same manner as you would have with biological children. This includes points on education, visitation, and medical care.

You may need to go through mediation to come to terms regarding the custody agreement. This is helpful since you and your ex know the needs of the child best. Adopted children have to face numerous challenges that sometimes strip them of their childhood at a young age.

You need to be patient throughout the divorce process and the period following that. Your child will take time to adjust to the new family dynamics. Adopted children often guard their feelings and thoughts. Stemming from this, you need to let them know that you are there for them no matter what.

Tips to Help Adopted Children Cope with Divorce

Set boundaries

The worst thing you can do for the child is to remove their boundaries. You should keep the same daily rituals, rules, and boundaries. You may get tempted to be the ‘fun’ parent by breaking all the rules. But this is the very foundation that your child may be dependent on during these turbulent times.

It can be easy to think of divorce as a competition or battle. But it won’t be helpful to your child. Your actions and words will affect your child. Always think before speaking or you may say something that you regret later. Never badmouth the other parent in front of your children. Instead, affirm your child’s love for the other parent as best as you can.

Don’t forget you are a role model

As a parent, you are your child’s primary role model and most important teacher. You should consider how to help them deal with negative emotions, like anger and grief. What you teach them about handling adversity is something they will probably remember throughout their lives. Look at yourself from a third person’s view. Are you the type of teacher you want for your kid? Don’t forget to show your children strength and joy after teaching healthy reactions towards anger and sadness.

Reassure your child

Children can blame themselves for a divorce, especially when adopted. You need to reassure your child that the divorce is not because of them. Remind them that the divorce doesn’t mean the other parent loves them less. You should consider taking your child to a counselor if they are really struggling or look completely normal.

It is possible that your child is not ready to discuss their feelings with you yet. But they may be willing to speak with a counselor that can help. Speak with a family law attorney if you have concerns about the parenting plan or any other aspect of the divorce. A reliable Kentucky divorce attorney can answer any questions you may have and ensure your rights remain protected throughout the process.

Legal Rights and Responsibilities of Co-Parents

Parents when deciding to adopt a child enter into certain commitments connected to their kid. Parents have a responsibility to look after and provide for an adopted child in the same manner as they would for children born out of a marital relationship. The rights and responsibilities following a divorce are the same. The adoption remains in force following the divorce as per the new child custody agreement.

Whether you get primary custody or joint custody, it’s vital that parents never forget their legal responsibilities towards their adopted children. This is a tumultuous time for your child and seeing you strong and there for them can help. It’s recommended that you keep your child away from most divorce proceedings and any ensuing ugliness.

Legal Help is Here from Experienced Kentucky Child Custody Attorneys

Divorce is hard on any child. Seeing parents break up and the family dynamics change makes the child feel insecure and stressed. It’s usually harder in the case of adopted children. The compassionate divorce attorneys at John H. Ruby & Associates are ready to provide you with legal help every step of the way. To set up your complimentary consultation, call us at (502) 895-2626 or contact us online