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The Importance of The Accident Reconstruction Specialist for Your Case

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It can be difficult for an injured victim to exactly remember the details of the car accident when they recovering from the shock and trauma of the event. More importantly, the burden of proof lies on the plaintiff (injured victim) in personal injury cases. So, the onus is on them to prove how exactly they got into an accident and suffered injuries.

Accident reconstruction experts are trained to get to the bottom of why an accident occurred and demonstrate that incident with authority in the court. Experienced car accident attorneys involve the professional expertise of accident reconstruction specialists when necessary to build compelling evidence and maximize the compensation for their clients.

What Does an Accident Reconstructionist do in Kentucky Car Accidents?

An accident reconstructionist specializes in the scientific process of analyzing, investigating, and concluding the events and causes of a vehicle crash. Typically, they are employed by the plaintiff attorneys for conducting an in-depth collision analysis for identifying the cause and contributing factors leading to different types of crashes. Other drivers, vehicles, roadways, and environmental conditions may play a role in the accident.

Accident reconstruction experts will visit the accident scene and collect necessary evidence. They will take photographs of the area, debris, tire skid marks, traffic lights, and road conditions among others. The expert will also evaluate all vehicles involved in the crash. They will look at the black box data if a large commercial truck was involved.

Tire defects or mechanical problems may contribute to the accident in certain cases as well. Experienced law firms work only with skilled accident reconstructionists to accurately assess the role of these factors.

Accident Reconstruction in Different Types of Auto Crashes

Accident reconstruction can play a major role in identifying the at-fault party and increasing the compensation amount.

Motor vehicle crashes

Experts can use scientific analysis for determining the speeds at impact, location of impact, and positioning before the impact. The force of impact and pre-impact locations leading to injuries and the use of seatbelts can be determined as well. In case seatbelts were not used, it is a key concern to identify the driver after serious accidents.

Pedestrian crashes

Pedestrian collisions are particularly challenging in terms of reconstruction. Often, they take place in areas where a mixture of pedestrians, vehicles, signals, and intersections are present. Trained specialists are often required to understand evidence thoroughly and its relationship with different types of pedestrian collisions, such as:

  • Wrap trajectory: Collisions of this kind generally involve a decelerating car that strikes an adult pedestrian. The torso of the pedestrian may wrap on the hood of the car.
  • Forward projection: Accidents of this nature usually occur with children since the center of mass is lower than the front of the car.
  • Fender vault: The pedestrian comes in contact with the outer edge of the car and the torso becomes wrapped on the hood.
  • Roof vault: These are usually high-speed impact crashes where the pedestrian becomes airborne.
  • Somersault: This is a less common type of incident. The pedestrian becomes airborne and is flipped on the pavement in a high-speed impact.

Motorcycle accidents

There has been a steady increase in the injuries and deaths involving motorcycle passengers and riders as ridership numbers increase. Relaxation in helmet laws is a reason as well. All specifics of a motorcycle accident can be reconstructed by the accident reconstruction specialist.

These experts are specifically trained in the dynamics surrounding the operation and motion of motorcycles. A thorough evaluation is required on part of the reconstruction experts to determine the actual fault and cause of the motorcycle crash.

Trucks and bus collisions

Accident reconstructionists consider the special dynamics of trucks and buses involved in the accident. Longer stopping distances, large size, and high center of gravity play a key role. A professional reconstructionist will be able to conceive the force of a truck or bus collision.

Accident Reconstruction and Your Kentucky Injury Claim

Accident reconstruction often plays an important role in determining the fault and cause of an accident. It can easily identify contributory negligence on part of one or more parties because of aggressiveness, carelessness, equipment failures, faulty road conditions, and other factors.

Victim testimonies are often conflicting. In addition, witnesses may provide an inaccurate or reluctant recollection of the events. It’s recommended that you hire an attorney with the necessary resources to work with a professional accident reconstruction company if you were involved in an accident. This will improve the likelihood of maximizing your compensation amount.

The accident reconstruction team has relevant equipment and training to carry out forensic mapping of the accident site. They measure the scene in a minimal time frame.

This is done to prevent missing anything because of weather or other conditions. An infinitely accurate 3D model of the accident scene is created by experienced accident reconstruction experts who have been through the legal trenches before and came out on top. This evidence can prove to be invaluable in addition to witness recollection.

Choose a Skilled Car Accident Attorney in Kentucky to Obtain Maximum Damages for Your Personal Injuries

At John H. Ruby & Associates, our legal team has extensive experience in handling all types of accident and injury cases. We have an in-house investigative team that will work to gather and preserve evidence while reconstructing the scene. When necessary, we can also use call on top specialists to help bolster your case.

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