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The Importance of Keeping Accurate Records in a Personal Injury Case

If you’ve been injured because of someone else’s negligence and you’re considering a personal injury claim, it is crucial to understand the importance of maintaining accurate records. Without the right documentation for your injury claim, it’s just your word against the other party’s; and you can bet that the insurance company will choose their word over yours every time.

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Records and Documentation to Maintain in a Personal Injury Claim

Accurate and detailed records can make a significant difference in the outcome of your personal injury case. Building a strong case and maximizing your odds of receiving fair compensation relies on your ability to collect and maintain various types of documentation throughout this entire process. We recommend starting with:

  • Details of the accident: You’d be surprised how quickly you start forgetting the details of an accident, even one in which you were seriously injured. After you’ve sought medical treatment and you’re stable, take a few minutes to write down everything you remember about the incident. You’ll also want to safeguard any other evidence you have that proves what happened. Photos of the scene, contact information for eyewitnesses, relevant circumstances, and video footage can all be helpful.
  • Medical records: Your medical records will be a crucial component of your personal injury claim, as medical expenses are often the biggest part of a settlement. Keep every piece of paperwork you receive from your assessments, treatments, surgeries, prescription medications, physical therapy appointments, and other medical appointments. If your doctor doesn’t automatically provide copies of important documentation, ask for it at the end of each appointment.
  • Expenses: The small expenses of a personal injury claim can add up quickly. Log every single expense you incur because of your accident and keep receipts to back up your documentation. This includes medical bills, pharmacy receipts, parking fees, tolls, over-the-counter supplies, and mileage to and from medical appointments.
  • All communication with the insurance companies: Every time you have any communication with either insurance party, spend a few minutes after the call writing down when the call happened, whom you talked to, and what was discussed during the call. If you receive any emails, letters, or other written correspondence, keep copies of those as well.

How Proper Record Keeping Can Strengthen Your Personal Injury Claim

Accurate record-keeping can strengthen your personal injury claim in a variety of ways. In general, having more documentation can strengthen your chances of getting the fair and full compensation you deserve.

Your records may help the insurance companies and attorneys involved in the claim determine causation and liability. The more documentation and records you have relating to the incident, the harder it will be for the other party to deny their role in your injuries and damages.

Accurate documentation of your injuries and medical care can also help you accurately demonstrate the extent of your injuries. Even if the insurance company is willing to admit that you are injured, they may argue about the severity of your injuries. That’s where your records come in to back you up.

Medical records provide objective, undeniable evidence of your injuries and what you have gone through to recover from them. Not only is this helpful when it comes to getting compensation for your medical expenses, but it also helps with getting what you deserve for pain and suffering and your loss of quality of life.

Across the board, thorough documentation can make it easier to quantify your damages and put the onus on the insurance company to compensate you for them. Comprehensive documentation of your accident-related expenses makes it more challenging for insurance companies to offer a lowball settlement.

Start Your Claim with John H. Ruby & Associates

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