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Negotiating a Full and Fair Settlement in a Personal Injury Case

By John H. Ruby |

When someone is injured in an auto accident or suffers another type of personal injury that another party was responsible for, it is not always easy to recover the full and fair compensation they deserve. Typically, you will be dealing with the other party’s insurance adjuster. Although in some cases, you might be dealing… Read More »

Tactics Used by Insurance Companies During an Injury Case

Tactics used by Insurance Companies during an Injury Case

By John H. Ruby |

If you’ve been injured in an accident or suffered any other type of personal injury in which another party was responsible, you deserve to be fully compensated for your losses. Unfortunately, it is very rare that a responsible party will freely admit fault and write you a check to cover the damages. For one… Read More »

role of an expert witness in a personal injury case

The Role of an Expert Witness in an Injury Case

By John H. Ruby |

Pursuing a personal injury case is a complicated process. To be sure, there are a number of different elements of an injury case that must be satisfied in order for your case to be successful, from presenting evidence of negligence and causation to substantiating damages. One form of evidence that is critical to a… Read More »

Collecting Damages for Injuries in Kentucky - John H. Ruby & Associates

How Are Damages Determined in Kentucky Accidents?

By John H. Ruby |

Accidents in Kentucky involving a car or truck can be frightening and frustrating. Your first concerns will naturally be the state of your health and that of your passengers, and then your concern will turn to the condition of your car.  Beyond the initial shock of the accident your focus will quickly focus on… Read More »