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Tag Archives: Family Law

parenting plan during covid-19 outbreak

How is COVID-19 Pandemic Affecting Parenting Plans?

By John H. Ruby |

While the novel coronavirus outbreak has had the most direct and devastating consequences for people’s health and the nation’s economy, it has also created some unique challenges for divorced parents. Some co-parents are anxious about their child’s well-being because they believe the custodial parent or their new partner may not be taking adequate precautions… Read More »


The Guardianship Process in Kentucky

By John H. Ruby |

If a minor is left without parents to care for him or her, whether due to death, incarceration, institutionalization or some other disability, it may be necessary for a court to appoint a legal guardian to care for the child until he or she becomes an adult. Likewise, it is sometimes necessary to appoint… Read More »