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Helping the Community During The Coronavirus Shutdown

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Covid-19 is an invisible foe that has invaded our lives and is continuing to cause devastation. People have been forced to make drastic changes to their lifestyle and their ability to work, study and play is severely curtailed.

Vulnerable segments of the population are the worst hit by the crisis, and this where the communities are coming together to help each other and fight the crisis together. Here are some of the key ways you can help the community in Kentucky during the coronavirus pandemic.

Join ‘Meals on Wheels’ as a Volunteer 

Meals on Wheels is a nonprofit delivering meals to the elderly who are unable to leave their homes in the current outbreak. While staying indoors is vital for seniors right now because they are more susceptible to the virus, isolation brings its own challenges. Meals on Wheels volunteers are also providing critical social interaction apart from delivering food.

Some of the chapters of Meals on Wheels are seeking healthy volunteers that can be available on call to make deliveries. A number of chapters of this organization are also engaging with seniors from a distance by way of “telephone reassurance” programs. You can look for a local Meals on Wheels chapter here if you wish to volunteer in your area.

Make a Monetary Donation to Reputable Nonprofit

Businesses and philanthropists are coming forward to donate millions of dollars to assist people in need of essential goods and services. For instance, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has committed $105 million in relief funding for communities in need. Job losses and business shutdowns have created an economic challenge for millions of households at present.

But you don’t necessarily need to be very wealthy to make a difference in these times. Every small contribution is valuable and can help to save lives at present. If you are concerned about choosing a reliable charity organization, you should check out charity rating websites such as CharityWatch and CharityNavigator, which will give you access to vetted charities that are working to address the coronavirus crisis.

You may even consider making donations to groups that are focusing on water, sanitation and hygiene (“WASH”) worldwide, as suggested by the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.

Support a Food Bank in Kentucky

Food banks used to receive in-kind donations from retail grocery stores. But people are stockpiling non-perishables from retail stores as they prepare themselves for a potential extended period of self-isolation. According to Feeding America, this trend has resulted in some of the food banks receiving significantly fewer donations from stores.

Feeding America, which provides meal programs throughout the country through its network of 200 food banks and more than 60,000 food pantries, has established a Covid-19 Response Fund. The fund is working to create emergency food box inventories that can be distributed to food banks depending on their needs. 

You may call up a local food bank associated with Feeding America to check out their current needs, and offer donations. In addition to donating, you can raise awareness by sharing information about food banks on social media and show your support.

Assist People Facing Homelessness

According to the National Health Care for the Homeless Council, people who are experiencing homelessness are at a considerable risk from the novel coronavirus. These people are more likely to have poorer general health, suffer from lack of sleep, and may suffer from underlying health conditions that weaken their immune systems. Worse still, they may not have health insurance coverage.

The Council suggests that if you wish to extend help to these people, you should contact your local homeless service organizations and homeless shelters in Kentucky to find out what they require more urgently at present. The National Coalition for the Homeless has requested cities to set up stations for hand washing for individuals in homeless encampments during the outbreak and recommend free Covid-19 testing and treatment for them.

Donate Blood

If you are healthy and can donate blood, it can serve a critical need for the society in the present situation. Although blood drives have been canceled to prevent the spread of the virus, you can still safely donate blood at a local donation site in Kentucky. The American Red Cross has been urging healthy individuals who are feeling well to donate blood or platelets.

According to the president of Red Cross Blood Services, Chris Hrouda, the widespread scare of the Covid-19 infection could result in relatively low participation from potential blood donors. If this happens, it will hit the availability of blood at hospitals. And in the current health crisis, the last thing that patients should have to worry about is whether they will have access to lifesaving blood when they need it the most.

The Red Cross says that there is no scientific evidence until now to suggest that the novel coronavirus could be transmitted through a blood transfusion. You can check the Red Cross website to find a donation site in your area.

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