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Author Archives: David Matine

Why Planning for Incapacity Is Essential

By John H. Ruby |

A carefully formulated estate plan involves preparing for both the expected as well as the unexpected, including such possibilities as incapacitation. Effective incapacity planning is a must not just for seniors but for everyone, as an injury or illness can befall at any time regardless of your stage in life. Consult with a dedicated… Read More »

How Are My Lost Wages Proven in a Personal Injury Case?

By John H. Ruby |

In a personal injury compensation claim, the at-fault party or their insurance company is legally liable to pay monetary compensation to the plaintiff, provided their negligence and its connection to the victim’s injuries is established. The damages received by the injured party is broadly divided into two categories: Economic Damages: Economic damages are expenses… Read More »

bankruptcy and divorce

Everything to Know About Bankruptcy & Divorce

By John H. Ruby |

Divorce is an arduous process that can play havoc with your emotional and mental health in more ways than one. You can well imagine the additional stress that a simultaneous bankruptcy filing can bring with it. More often than not, divorce can also become the main cause for filing bankruptcy due to its disruptive… Read More »

estate planning for single parents

Estate Planning for Single Parents

By John H. Ruby |

Estate planning is an important part of organizing for a secure financial future for everyone, but especially for single parents. Single parents encounter many estate planning issues that are unique to their situation. Single parents usually accord the highest priority to the protection of their children, because the children are more vulnerable with no… Read More »

how to calculate pain and suffering

How Are Pain & Suffering Damages Calculated in a Personal Injury Case?

By John H. Ruby |

An accident caused by someone’s negligence or wrongdoing may result in pain and suffering for the victim in the form of physical injuries, lost earnings, property damage, and trauma. The victim is legally entitled to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent individual or entity and claim financial damages for their pain and… Read More »

getting divorced when you have special needs

When You’re Getting Divorced, And You Have Special Needs

By John H. Ruby |

There are, unfortunately, several medical afflictions related to physical, behavioral, and developmental disorders that affect children, and alter their needs as they grow. While some children may be born with special needs, others may face challenges later in life. While divorce is always arduous and stressful, a divorce that involves children with special needs… Read More »

business formation attorney

Which Entity Structure is Best for Your Startup Business?

By John H. Ruby |

When you decide to set up a business, the first real hurdle you will face is what type of entity you want it to be. The decision on the legal entity structure for your business that you make in the beginning will have a huge impact on your taxes, liability, and ownership, later.  In… Read More »

head-on collision attorney

What Are the Most Common Causes of Head-On Collisions?

By John H. Ruby |

Most car accidents are minor in nature, but head-on collisions can be devastating – especially when they occur at higher speeds. Head-on collision victims often end up with debilitating injuries, facing enormous challenges like lengthy intensive care, enormous medical expenses, and loss of income. These losses can threaten the financial security of an accident… Read More »

child custody lawyer

Determining Child Custody and Visitations Without a Lawyer

By John H. Ruby |

In a divorce or legal separation, it is fairly common and understandable for the couple to reach a custody arrangement without wanting any involvement of the court in their personal lives. If the parents consider the needs of children as their first concern and mutually agree to a visitation schedule in a mature manner,… Read More »

protecting your digital assets

Protecting Digital Assets During Estate Planning

By John H. Ruby |

A digital asset is any asset that exists in a digital device or online, unlike a physical asset. Below are some examples of digit assets: Digital devices, like smartphones, computers, digital cameras, flash drives Bank accounts, PayPal accounts, credit cards Digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and blockchain domains Online… Read More »