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Author Archives: David Matine

protecting your digital assets

Protecting Digital Assets During Estate Planning

By John H. Ruby |

A digital asset is any asset that exists in a digital device or online, unlike a physical asset. Below are some examples of digit assets: Digital devices, like smartphones, computers, digital cameras, flash drives Bank accounts, PayPal accounts, credit cards Digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and blockchain domains Online… Read More »

car accident lawyer in Louisville, Kentucky

Common Internal Injuries That Occur in Car Accidents

By John H. Ruby |

Internal injuries sustained in a vehicle crash can be dangerous as they typically go undiagnosed until patients undergo serious complications well after the injury occurs. Sadly, many victims do not consent to treatment at the car accident site, believing that everything is fine. But right after an accident, choosing to receive a thorough medical… Read More »

drowsy driving

The Hidden Dangers of Drowsy Driving

By John H. Ruby |

Drowsy driving is a leading cause of injuries and fatalities on our roads every year.  Sleepiness while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, or drowsy driving, can affect anyone who drives, at some point in time. More knowledge about the reasons and repercussions of the phenomenon can enable prevention, with drivers trained to… Read More »

teen drivers

Can Parents be Held Liable for a Car Accident Caused by Their Teenage Child?

By John H. Ruby |

Under Kentucky law, parents may be held jointly and severally liable for damage caused by a teenage motorist’s negligence when they sign the documents for their driver’s license application or when they provide them with an automobile to operate. Kentucky courts recognize “the family purpose doctrine,” which allows parents to be held accountable for… Read More »

how often does a personal injury case go to trial

What Percentage of Personal Injury Cases Go to Trial?

By John H. Ruby |

Every year, thousands of vehicle accidents, slips and falls, and other personal injuries occur in the United States. In case you have been hurt in such personal injury accidents, you may want to file a personal injury claim.  It is important to consider three factors before making your decision. First, was there negligence or… Read More »

Trusts - Do I need one? Contact John H. Ruby & Associates

What is The Difference Between a Will and a Trust?

By John H. Ruby |

The terms “will” and “trust” are commonly used in the context of estate planning, but not everyone understands the differences between the two. Both are effective tools that can be used separately, or they can be used together to develop a more comprehensive estate plan that will be in keeping with your final wishes…. Read More »

who keeps the business in a divorce?

Is My Spouse Entitled to Half My Business During a Kentucky Divorce?

By John H. Ruby |

Kentucky law addresses the division of property during a divorce in a manner that is supposed to be fair and equitable. Appraisal and distribution of business assets and debts in a Kentucky divorce can be slightly intricate since the courts aim for a fair allocation, even if it is not strictly equal. Division of… Read More »

do I have to give an insurance statement?

Are You Required to Provide a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Company?

By John H. Ruby |

It can be hard to know who is on your side after any type of accident. For instance, an insurance claims adjuster may seem to want to help you. The adjuster may be friendly, accommodating, and reasonable. But in reality, claims adjusters have one main objective – to settle your claim for as little… Read More »

delayed injuries

Delayed Injuries from a Car Accident

By John H. Ruby |

Any vehicle accident is a traumatic event. When an automobile hits (or is hit by) something, there is a certain amount of force involved. Many who are involved in a car crash that seems minor do not notice injury symptoms immediately. This occurs for various reasons. It is crucial to understand the importance of… Read More »

emotional impact of personal injury

Coping with The Physical and Emotional Impact of a Personal Injury

By John H. Ruby |

Vehicle accidents and truck collisions can potentially result in a wide range of complicated symptoms and injuries. Immediate medical care is vital after an accident. It is equally essential to receive the best type of treatment for your specific injuries following your accident. The failure to do so may result in severe consequences to… Read More »